Sphere Seeker

Sphere Seeker is a short puzzle game created for the Game Makers Toolkit gamejam because of this please read the instruction before playing since no tutorial is implemented. In the game you play as a desperate robot that is in dire need for a refreshing environment since the world he lives in exist only out of cubes. Now he is on journey to find a sphere, can you find it before you run out of battery life?!


To progress in the game you'll have to pick up the AI cubes and use them as platforms to get further into the level. Picking cubes up is done by aiming on your target and then LMB to grab. You know if you successfully grabbed a cube if the cube starts flying. Release a cube is done by clicking LMB again.


  • WASD: movement
  • Mouse: aiming/look
  • LMB: Grab or Release target
  • Shift: sprint
  • Esc: Back to main menu


Bram van ElderenWebsite
Kirk MarkarianWebsite


SphereSeeker.zip 22 MB
SphereSeekerOSX.app.zip 25 MB


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I made an account to tell you that I really enjoyed this game. The concept is very interesting and I would totally like to see a full version of this, although with some stuff being fleshed out as well. There's no indication of a few of the mechanics and a huge limiter is the time limit from the battery. It doesn't really do much other than rush the player, since the checkpoints are sparse relative to the time given. It reduces the minimalist aesthetic appeal of the environment by forcing a focus, more on completing the objective than appreciating the environment. Other than that, I loved the idea and played it from start to finish. Thumbs up from me!


I played your game on my Twitch channel www.twitch.tv/zedkraze You can find a replay of the stream here: Check the description on the video to jump to your game

Man alive!  Thank you very much - we're happy to see that you gave it a chance!  Oh, we should have specified - those poop-like things, they cause that blue bar on the player's back to recharge, so you can make it to the next checkpoint (the blue circles in the ground).  Otherwise, the player just ends up back at the first checkpoint.  We really needed to push those instructions out further.  Wish we had a bit more time to flesh those out.

I don’t get it. Is there an indication of having picked up a cube? It seems to push them away when you click and release. Other than that, I didn’t get it. Also not where to place them…


sadly I didn't have the time to make a tutorial. Anyway if you aim and click on a cube it will keep flying in front of you untill you release it. You can use the cubes as platforms to advance in the level