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'Lil Lost Squashy was doing what it does best, living up to its name, being lost, this time in an abstract world where running and dodging and all the fun things are now controlled by entering text in a terminal.  

***What's a 'Lil Lost Squashy to do?***  

Well, unless you and 'Lil Squashy want to spend an eternity in this abstract world where you need to type in your reactions to the outside world, you'd better do your fancy finger-dance and get yourselves 'outta there lickety-split!  

# **Controls:  **  

Your character doesn't move using the typical WASD setup here, so to clarify for the user, here are the following commands to type in the Terminal:  

## Text Commands
- **Right:**  Navigate Right  
- **Left:**  Navigate Left  
- **Jump:**  Jump  
- **Crouch:**  Crouch Down (slower movement)  
- **Stand:**  Stand Up (faster movements)  
- **Open:**  Open Doors  

## Terminal Shortcuts
- **Enter:**  Submit  
- **Escape:**  Delete All Text  
- **Up/Down:**  Navigate Through Previous Commands  

# **Hint(s):  **
Typing in cliché martial video game sounds MAY give you an interesting Easter Egg!  

# **Team:  **  
**Bram van Elderen** (Code/Level Design/Art)    
Website: http://bramvanelderen.net  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bram_vanelderen  

**Fabio Lolli** (Code/Level Design)  

 **Kirk Markarian** (Music/SFX/Art)  
Website: http://www.kirkmarkarian.net  
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kirk_Markarian  


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